Export Quality Pomegranate

We procure the best quality pomegranates for domestic and export purposes. Our parent company ‘Harikripa’ has been a leading supplier of grapes and pomegranates from Nasik since 1990.

We procure pomegranates from orchards in Nasik (Satana, Devla, Malegaon) district and also from the APMC Market at Nasik.

Our Business Proposal:

1. We sell pomegranates directly to exporter in 20 kg crates.

2. We sell international packing of 3.5 kg in cartons to exporters directly.

3. We can partner with exporters to procure pomegranates directly from orchards at Nasik(Satana, Devla).

1. Direct Sale to Exporter

An exporter can contact us daily for their requirements such as fruit size (200 grams), quantity. We would provide the exporter with a daily quotation (in their email or phone) according to the daily rates in the Nasik, Satana APMC market.

9:00 AM – 12:30 AM :- The exporter can place an order for the daily requirement before 11 AM. We would purchase the pomegranates and send you the invoice containing total amount via email and phone. Once we receive the RTGS payment before 12:30 PM IST, we would start with the packing in 20 kg crates.

Pomegranate Fruits in 10 kg crate

Pomegranate Fruits in 10 kg crate

The exporter need to pay for the transport charges from Nasik to their location. For Mumbai and Pune exporters, the truck(Eicher or 407 or pickup jeep) would reach their destination within 6 hours. At the destination, the exporter’s men would check the crates for desired 20 kg weight and place the empty crates onto the truck.

For weekly requirements, the exporter need to describe their requirements such as fruit weight (200 grams) and weekly quantity. confirm to a per kg rate for the week.

2. International Packing of 3.5 kg pomegranates

We can provide the exporter with packed 4 kg cartons of pomegranates to their location. Alternatively, the exporter’s men could also be present at the packing location. The exporter can provide the 4 kg cartons and tray(if required) a day before the packing is scheduled. Also, the exporter can provide other requirements such as pre-cooling a day before.

Packing Description:

Pomegranate variety: BHAGWA

Fruit Size: 200 grams and above

Packing Count: 12-18 fruits per 4 kg carton

Carton Specifications: Carton boxes or carton print design and dimensions can be provided by the exporter.

Pomegranate Fruits in 4 kg carton

Pomegranate Fruits in 4 kg carton

At 11:00 AM, we would generate the invoice containing amount and quantity details and send it via email and phone. The RTGS payment need to be done before 12:30 PM IST.

At the end of the day, either the packed cartons can be transported to the exporter’s location in reefer containers or kept in pre-cooling for a day or two as desired by the exporter. The exporter need to pay for the transport charges(reefer container) from Nasik to their location.

3. Direct Purchase at Pomegranate Orchard:

An exporter must have purchased pomegranates from farmers directly. The exporter requires fruit weight to be 200 grams and above. A farmer would ask you to take 100-150 grams fruits as well or pay extra rates. The exporter can team up with a local supplier like us, who would send the less than 200 grams fruit to our domestic markets.

Secondly, freshly plucked fruits from orchard can be put into pre-cooling within 4-5 hours of purchase from the orchard. Whereas if you procure it from a trader in a wholesale APMC market, the fruit is plucked almost a day before the auction.

Pomegranate Tree

Pomegranate Tree

Thirdly, exporter can exclusively select pomegranates at the orchard. The exporter should select pomegranate fruit having weight 200 grams and more. Our people would not interfere with the exporter’s operation. At the end of the day, the exporter would require to pay for the pomegranates selected. The process would require cash payment after daily pomegranate procurement and in some cases RTGS before 12:30 PM IST would suffice.

Fourthly, we would send the remaining (rejected by you) pomegranates to our domestic buyers and you need not pay for the rejected. If you need certified pomegranate orchards, you would have to intimate us a week in advance.

Exporter Pomegranate Requirement:

Please specify your pomegranate requirements per week. If you need a large orchard almost 100-400 tons or a medium orchard 25-100 tons, we can search for those as well.

Interested exporters can contact me at 9325356664 or email me bhagwani.vishal@gmail.com.

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